Letters from brides and grooms.....

 Thank you so much Joan --for making our day absolutely perfect. We feel very blessed to have met you and received your special touch on our most important day. 
      Kevin and Sandy  

Sweet, simple weddings are fun too.

Joan, You made our wedding ceremony as perfect as it could have been. I was more moved than I expected to be. We all were. The family ceremony with the sand was very moving for the kids and the vase of sand sits right next to our bed. God bless you and thank you again! 
Dana and Wendy

There are many ways to do a Sand Ceremony.

We thank you so much for making our wedding day the perfect, intimate ceremony we were looking for. We send you our love, Mary and Keith

Anne and James married in their grandparents back yard.

Joan, Thank you so much for a wonderful ceremony. It was fun to prepare with you and get to know you and feel confident that it was all in good hands. The day just couldn't have been better. We received all positive feedback that the ceremony was unique, meaningful and fit us just right. Thank you again!  Anne and James

Kate and Dushan married at Cave Point County Park.

Dear Joan,
We want you to know that our day was perfect and we credit you with making it so special. We have heard from family and friends that attended and they thought our wedding was the sweetest, and most fun, one they ever attended.    Robin and Kevin

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