Your wedding, your way ---whether you're planning ahead for next summer, or coming up to elope this weekend.

More and more couples are choosing to renew their vows on an important anniversary. It's a lovely way to remember your promises and renew your commitment. I know one couple who does it every year.

Some couples are not able to marry legally but want to seal their relationship in a permanent way. Commitment services allow you to speak your promises and share your love publicly.

There are many ways to include children in a ceremony.

Tami and Doug chose an outdoor ceremony at the Landmark Resort.


Joan Shiels
         Your Door County Minister 

Kathryn and Jeromy chose a formal church wedding.

Your wedding can take place in many different places in beautiful Door County. 
Some couples want a formal church or chapel wedding, others prefer a garden setting in their favorite season. Some couples choose to be married on a bluff overlooking the water in Peninsula State Park, or in a beautiful home, resort or bed and breakfast.
I even married one very fun couple at their wilderness campsite in Newport State Park!

You may already know exactly what is right for you or you may need my help in creating the perfect ceremony. I can offer suggestions and help you make the best decisions for a wedding that will be just right. 
Sweet or serious, simple or formal, you deserve a ceremony full of meaning for the two of you. If you have children who want to participate there are some lovely rituals that include them too. Call me and we'll talk.

Brandon and Tricia chose an indoor hotel wedding.

Rev. Joan Shiels

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